How to delegate Sifchain Tokens (EROWAN)?


You can stake your own tokens and locked tokens.

Validator address: sifvaloper1uc0r2832x2ugzs4p9jmwjlxer3hfp0vsv9ru5a

Link to explorer  

The full guide:

For the delegation, you need the Keplr (only Chrome-based browsers are supported).

Go to the Keplr app, then press Delegate:

Stake Sifchain 1

Enter the amount you want to delegate, then press Delegate:

Stake Sifchain 2

Confirm the transaction:

Stake Sifchain 3

You will now see on the Keplr app who you have delegated to and be able to manage your delegation (click Manage to do this):

Stake Sifchain 4