How to delegate Rizon Tokens (Atolo)?


APY (Annual Percentage Yield) ~10%.

Commission =5%

Validator address: rizonvaloper1dsvvuwae00te6afpwxfzc2z6dnsdlmxlpsspkf

Link to explorer  

The full guide:

1. Go to

2. Click Connect Wallet then Connect to Keystation

Screenshot 231

Screenshot 233

3. If you already have a wallet on Keystation, then sign-in, otherwise select Import Wallet (you will need your Mnemonic phrase for this)

Screenshot 225 

4. Once you are logged in, go to Reward

Screenshot 226

5. Find the NodesGuru validator and click Delegate

Screenshot 229

6. Specify desired amount and click Generate & Sign Transaction

Screenshot 227

7. Confirm transaction by pressing Allow in the Keystation pop-up window

Screenshot 228


Operations with rewards

1. On the Reward tab you can check your Reward and perform the following operations with it:

  • Delegate
  • Redelegate
  • Undelegate
  • Claim rewards

Screenshot 230